Ron’s Stupid Head

One day Harry Potter was in the school talent show and he and ron were whistling together everyone was clapping than they stopped because dumbledor was casting a spell on them to make them clap because Harry Potter was his favorite little boy and then Harry Potter said to dumbleodre I am awesome and ron said yeah you are! and put his hand up for a high five with Harry Potter but Harry Potter walked past him to go get some ice cream because all the whistling made him thirsty but ice cream is better than water an dombledore was like hey Harry Potter do you wanna eat candy in my office and Harry Potter was like hells yeah and they ate candy together and ron came to until serius black rode a motorcycle through the window and glass went everywhere and ron got a cut in his forehead and he was bleeding everywhere and then he yelled NOW IM JUST LIKE HARRY POTTER! and everyone laughed except for dumbledorr who was mad at ron’s head for bleeding on the carpet and then serius took them all for rides on the motorcycle which was cool until ron fell off and no one ever saw him again and then Harry Potter grew up and married hermione and then he put his sex in her sex and they made sex together the end.

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