Nothing to Fear…

“I don’t think it’s supposed to look like that…” she whimpered quietly to herself. She stared at her foot which was twisted at an unnatural angle and rapidly purpling. The pain hadn’t fully hit her yet. She was still running on adrenaline. She pushed herself up off the ground, leaning on the wall behind her for support.... Continue Reading →

Eponine Dodges a Bullet

The bullet whizzed through the air and landed in Marius' face. Ouch. Marius was shot. In the face. Eponine yelled "oh no!" Eponine was sad. Marius was going to die. But then he didn't die. Now Cosette was sad too. She was about to be married to Marius the Bullet-Face. That would have made her... Continue Reading →

Ron’s Stupid Head

One day Harry Potter was in the school talent show and he and ron were whistling together everyone was clapping than they stopped because dumbledor was casting a spell on them to make them clap because Harry Potter was his favorite little boy and then Harry Potter said to dumbleodre I am awesome and ron... Continue Reading →

Draco is such a Malfoy

Draco Malfoy was on Diagon Ally one day and Then she said get off of me Draco Malfoy nobody likes you and then Draco Malfoy cried to his Daddy and his Daddy spanked him with a nimbus 2000 and called Draco Malfoy a twerp and so Draco Malfoy ran away Draco Malfoy went to hermione... Continue Reading →

Harry Loves Hermione

Harry Potter woke up in hogwarts and looked around and saw that voldemort had taken over hogwarts and he said to himself oh no this is bad I need a crumpet and some cuddles then he grabbed his wand then he got out of bed and then he put on his pants then voldemort was... Continue Reading →

Kidding around at Goat Yoga

The screen protector on my phone is slightly cracked but I’m reluctant to swap it out for a new one. It’s such a good story when someone notices and asks me about it. I get to respond with a casual “Oh, a goat stepped on it.” Living in a fairly metropolitan area, just outside of... Continue Reading →

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